frizzy hair problems - easy fixes

So much is written about frizz. The truth is that there are millions of possible causes. Many of us spend a ton of money and time trying to solve them. Here are a few easy solutions to get rid of it. 

1. Stop with the harsh shampoo. Use conditioner as your go-to cleanser and maybe occasionally use a gentle shampoo. You can go super expensive on this or hit up a discount line, many have the same ingredients. Use what works for your hair.

2. Drying hair with a terrycloth or a microfiber towel can leave hair damaged and break up waves and curls. Stop drying your hair with something that can also be used to dry off your car. Gently dry it with Hair Remedie.

3. Apply products when hair is still damp. This is not a one fit all style solution. Some people have better results when hair is really damp and others when hair is 50% or more dry. Play with it and find out what your hair likes.