Winter Hair Woes

Winter Hair Woes

Cold winter days bring lots of exciting events like parades, holidays and parties. Know what it also brings? Weird, winter hair and some unique challenges to overcome. We have all been through worse and come out on top so winter hair is a challenge you can meet. I live in a high-humidity and hot climate. In winter, the air becomes dry, top that with the heater and the moisture in hair is completely gone.

New Product Try Out

This year I wanted to try something different to add back the life to my hair. I find that heavy products don’t do well in the winter. I love using oils. My absolute favorite is Olive Oil. It is just too heavy in the winter. I found an alternative, dry oil. Plenty drug store options exist, the one I tried was Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. The claims are big such as multi-purpose for face, body and hair.

I had a live television appearance and realized that my little black dress (that is always flattering) is sleeveless. I used some of the dry oil on my arms and I have to admit, they looked amazing. I looked much toner than I can ever hope to be.

So yes, it worked on skin but the real question is if it worked for hair. The way I used it was after hair was towel dried and before the curl defining product. I did not apply it to the roots, only the bottom 2/3 of the hair. I paid special attention to the ends. After I applied the dry oil, I then worked in the curl definer product. I do think the dry oil is not only lighter than what I normally use but was really not greasy at all. I think that this type of oil would be helpful on many different hair types. I found this new product helpful to ending the dryness and not weighing my hair down.

I think this product is worth a try for those that find your winter routine needs some tweaking.


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