How You Should Wash Your Hair

How Should You Wash Your Hair

How most of us wash our hair

Most of us usually spend more time thinking about styling tools and the products we use then how we wash our hair. For the majority of us, we get in the shower and reach for the shampoo, followed by the conditioner and wrap our hair up in a terrycloth towel. Does that routine sound familiar? Let’s talk about what you can change to not only improve the look of your hair but cut down on how much of those expensive products and use the best hair towel.

The Wash

When it’s time to wash your hair (once a day, week or every other day), you don’t always have to use shampoo. This was a big change for me. I use an all natural co-wash or cleansing conditioner  (Mop Top - you can find here) and just wash with a conditioner. It really does a great job of cleaning hair without drying it out. I only use shampoo before I condition 1 out of 5 times. In addition to cutting out the shampoo, consider adding a deep conditioner once a week. This doesn’t have to be a super-expensive hair masque. There are plenty of homemade recipes to try. My favorite usually have olive oil and milk or yogurt. I can usually put something together by just using items already in my kitchen. The masque can be used with or without your best hair towel.

Conditioning hair is very important on fighting frizz and damage. A great way to help hair stay protected and hydrated is to not completely wash out all conditioner. I wash out about 90% of the conditioner. Hair maintains a clean feeling and not weighed down. Most of the time your hair should not “feel” squeaky clean. It’s a great alternative to an extra leave in conditioner. Everyone’s hair is different and some may need an extra leave in conditioner. Some people use the "plopping" method at this point with the hair towel to wrap after the leave in conditioner is added but before the styling products. Try it out and find out what is best for you. Don't be afraid to alter your routine if it is not working for you. I have found that minor adjustments can make huge differences. Changing how often I shampoo to the type of hair towel may take a lot of effort from your morning routine and gain some precious sleep time back. 

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