Postpartum Hair

I started using Hair Remedie when I was dealing with the dreaded "postpartum shed" - dry, brittle  hair that was falling out.  After using this towel every day for six months (oily hair) my hair is silky soft, frizz free and with fewer split ends


Melissa P.

An Amazing Little Towel

 I have been using the Hair Remedie towel for over a month now. It is an amazing little towel! My hair is a mixture of wavy underneath and straight on top, so I always blow it dry, but I can tell from the texture after I dry it, that if it were all one type, I could let it air dry and it would look terrific. As it is, the smoothness, shininess and silkiness still prevail, even after the blow dry. I get the best results when I leave the towel on my head for 10-15 minutes while I do other things. Then I can blow dry my hair in just a few minutes, because the towel is so absorbent. It washes well too, keeping it's shape and color. A terrific product.

Susan R.

Damaged Hair Repaired

I started using Hair Remedie because it was giving to me as a gift. I didn't think that there was a towel could repair my damaged hair. I have wavy hair that I straighten everyday. I started using Hair Remedie and noticed some immediate improvement in how much time it took to straighten my hair. I continued to use it and my hair became healthy again. The difference was so noticeable that friends started asking me what I was doing differently to my hair. The only thing I had changed was the Frizz Eliminating Towel. I am so happy with the results!!!


Results with first use

I noticed the results the first time I used my Hair Remedie. My hair is chin length and naturally curly but I typically straighten it. My hair dried faster, was easier to style and looked much smoother with Hair Remedie. Hair Remedie is amazing!

Jill W.

Cut Out Hair Products

I have been using Hair Remedie for my short, color-treated hair and love the results. I have been able to cut out all my products while my hair has never looked better. I use it every time to dry my hair and have saved so much money by not buying gel and anti-frizz cream. Thank you Hair Remedie!

Debbie S.